Turquoise Tiger testimonials


“Turquoise Tiger seems a very good idea…it is run with honour and distinction and intelligence and enterprise. I have nothing but good things to say about these people; they are fine people, wise people, good people, kind people. I like them, you will too.”
— Stephen Fry (actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet,
comedian, television presenter and film director)

“The Turquoise Tigers take the fear out of Social Media for their clients, enabling them to open up a whole new world contacts, leads, brand recognition and eventually sales.  Speaking to the Turquoise Tigers soon removes the fog and all becomes clear.  I recommend the Tigers for all your Social Media requirements.  You’ll be so glad you got in touch.  I was.”
— Amanda Carlin (Founder, Fenland Women of Achievement)

“The work Turquoise Tiger did for National Pet Month showed a perfect blend of creativity and campaign knowledge. Working with them is always a pleasure. I wouldn’t have known about NPM had it not been for Turquoise Tiger. They encouraged me to get involved and I loved the experience. Turquoise Tiger is a rare creature – a company that cares about what it does. Their promotion of NPM Was heart-felt, relevant and memorable. Perfect.”
— Lu Corfield (actress)

“The only thing we knew for certain was that we were not using social media in any way that was beneficial to the business. After the workshop with Turquoise Tiger we had a good overview on the potential we were missing and the best ways to start. Half a day well spent!”
— Ian Crighton (Chairman, GreenWheel Cycles Ltd)

“I have been searching for a promotions company for more than a year who would be genuinely interested in spreading the word and supporting me technically as I am not too familiar with social networking sites and the possibilities on offer. I am truly delighted to be working with Turquoise Tiger who not only know their business inside out but also respond the same day to any queries, new postings or whatever I come up with to boost my profile and promote my activities. And they work to the client’s budget so you never feel you have to pay for more than you can afford. The ideal partnership, in fact.”
— Paul Roland (Prolific recording artist and author)

“Can highly recomend the girls at Turquoise Tiger. They were a great help to us setting up our Twitter site. We have gained 200 + followers in just a few short weeks following their advice. Listen and learn!”
— Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd

“Being a complete Social Media novice, I found Turquoise Tiger’s social media workshop just what I needed. They explained the in’s and out’s of social media, then they sat down with us and actually helped us set up FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter business pages, fantastic. If you’re a social media novice, or not, give the big cats a call they are just purrfect…”
— William Norton (Owner at Essential Health Direct)

“I have been connected with the team for a while now and their work is second to none. They started with Twitter news and I followed that but was unsure what this Social Media was really about. At DNS-DIRECT we are big into technology. If it’s out there we have tested, but we could not see the real use for Social Media apart from having some fun. As we offer a website packages, clients ask about Social Media. After talking to the team and watching Turquoise Tiger TV it all made sense.”
— Vince Bailey (Infrastructure Analyst, DNS)

“I was recommended and introduced to Taz recently to speak at The Giftware Association’s Annual Conference on social media. I was instantly impressed with this dynamic woman. She proved excellent to work with and on the day she delivered a very stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining presentation on the fascinating subject of social media. Feedback from the delegates was most complimentary and she was in much demand following the event. We shall be working with her to provide practical workshops on this subject and I would thoroughly recommend her to others.”
— Isabel Martinson (Chief Executive at The Giftware Association)

“I listened to a fascinating and inspiring presentation by Taz at the Giftware Association AGM last month. If you are looking for help in getting up to speed with social media for business then talk to Turquoise Tiger.”
— Richard Seppings (Owner at Winter Flora Ltd)

“We’re working with the Turquoise Tiger team because the world of PR is a minefield and we needed professional help and honest guidance. We’re getting that and more. Taz always goes the extra mile, has become a great friend and someone I trust. I will be working with Taz for a long time coming!”
— Sara Brown (Director at SaraBrown Ltd )

“Alison is one of the most highly skilled and personable industry colleagues that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her professional approach to projects and campaigns has always delivered exceptional results. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any clients.”
— Nigel Mitchell (Merchandise Director at Vasanta Group Ltd )

“I had the great fortune to see Taz’s 4Sight on goal setting in Cambridge. All I can say, is that I will never set my goals in quite the same way again. You gotta see this lady speak!”
Gareth Howell (Owner at Business Continuity UK)

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Taz on a recent digital publishing project. Taz is always full of energy and has a real passion for digital media and making the most of the opportunities that are available. She always has a positive approach to business and is very open to new ideas. The project that Taz launched was very successful and she has managed to create a massive readership form scratch with a big-name sponsor on board. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Taz, especially for her writing expertise and knowledge of social media networks.”
— Gavin Stark (European Sales Manager at Nxtbook Media)

“We film and produce corporate videos and sometimes require films to be scripted. We have used Turquoise Tiger to write these scripts when clients didn’t have the time or skill available in-house. Our clients and have been very pleased with both the interpretation of the creative brief and the efficiency of the script delivery. D B Sound and Vision would whole heartedly recommend Turquoise Tiger as the quality of work and value for money has been fantastic.”
— David Bird (D B Sound and Vision)

“Taz is passionate and knowledgable about what she does so can’t fail to inspire.”
— Sue Donnelly (Managing Director at Accentuate Me)

“Most professions are wrestling with a pressing need to step outside their ‘normal’ professional constraints and to engage with consumers and the new technologies which those consumers have already adopted. Taz has always brought with her a real awareness of different ways of doing things and a constructively critical approach that gets to the heart of many issues which we’ve faced together. Communication skills are her principal weapon in the fight to drag the reluctant majority into the 21st century and I have no doubt that Taz will continue to build success on success.”
— Ross Tiffin (Director at Tartan Business Solutions)

“You guys are just awesome. In 72 hours you have created a brilliant environment for an interview, done it, made it really, really easy for me, directed it, edited it, published it, and made me look and sound good, for a tiny fee. Awesome.”
— Steve Consalvez (Founder and Managing Director, Success Formulae)

“Alison is a very enthusiastic and capable communications expert. She has excellent creative skills and a vast amount of knowledge of communications from both a practical and theoretical perspective. An easy recommendation.”
— Philip Crowshaw (Founder and Managing Director, Experts Group Solutions)

“Alison produced a number of detailed profiles of the business I used to work for; they were without exception produced to the finest standard, on time and without error. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alison’s services.”
— Martin Shaw (Joint MD, D3 Office Group)

“I have known Alison for many years – and have had the pleasure of working together with her on a number of occasions. There’s no doubt that not only does she know her stuff, but she is also consistently able to deliver it on time and above expectations. She is also well-known and respected in the UK OP industry. I have no hesitation in recommending her!”
— Martin Wilde (Owner, Martin Wilde Associates Ltd)

“Alison has always provided a thoroughly professional service whenever we’ve worked with her. Attentive at all times, completely knowledgeable of both our industry and our channel, Alison has with subtle and dignified intelligence, provided insights into aspects of the industry that we’ve been delighted with. We would without hesitation recommend Alison in her journalistic capacity.”
—Steve Harrop (Managing Director, Office Friendly Dealer Association Ltd)

“Alison is a very professional and enjoyable person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for high quality business support.”
— Steve Robinson (Commercial Manager, Commerce Exchange)

“Alison is a good writer with considerable knowledge and experience of the office products and services industry. She is personable, great fun, organised and does not get ruffled when things appear to be going ‘pear-shaped’.”
— Philippa Morrell (General Manager, BOSS Federation)

“Taz thinks outside the box and produces some innovative solutions to challenges put to her. She always gets the job done and is great fun to work with.”
— Rita Dingwall (Past President, Veterinary Practice Managers’ Association)

“Taz has a special gift for putting people at ease and her positivity and sense of humour really is infectious. She has the ability to very easily get to the crux of a problem with penetrating accuracy. Solutions and ideas are boundless as is her creativity. She is a fabulous workshop facilitator.”
— Lisa Gates (Creative Expression Therapist, The POWER Project)

“I recommend Taz Thornton to all my connections without any hesitation. Taz is an exceptional interactive coach and is able to deliver the required results making use of modern techniques. I was particularly impressed on a personal level, as Taz enabled me to improve my memory by using very simple yet efffective methods.”
— Amanda Carlin (Director, AmandaCarlin.co.uk Ltd)

“Taz is a truly creative force, with astute business experience behind her. Tweeting Times has already become a great testiment to her talents.”
— Lorraine Bellis (Owner, Bellis Perennis)

“Taz is a creative and conscientious individual who always goes the extra mile to deliver. She is also confident, honest and outgoing with a positive outlook and ‘can do’ mind set in everything she does. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
— Philip Crowshaw (Founder and Managing Director, Expert Group Solutions)

“I have worked with Taz on a few occasions and can highly recommend her work. She has endless energy,a great passion for her work and a genuine desire to make a difference to others. Her enthusiasm for projects and people is contagious, she is a great motivator and is very outcome focussed. If you are looking to work with somebody who possesses professional integrity in her field then Taz is definitely my recommendation.”
— Mandy Allen (Owner, Target Zone Marketing)

Tweeting Times testimonials

“Can’t remember if I thanked you for issue 3. Loved it! Very interesting.”
— Esther Rantzen (@Esther4Luton)

“I love Tweeting Times. Full of great news and fab interviews. Can’t wait for the next issue!”
— Sam Fox (@SamFoxcom)

“I think Tweeting Times is great, well done, and now I’m in it, it’s even better!”
— Sharon Corr, The Corrs (@Sharon_Corr)

“Even if you don’t tweet, Tweeting Times is always a fascinating, fun read. And if you do tweet, you’ll be amazed at how something longer than 140 characters can still be interesting.”
— David Schneider (@DavidSchneider)

“Working with Tweeting Times has been a great experience. The people who run this exciting magazine are professionals, and first and foremost, care about the people they work with. My record label will be taking out full page ads to promote our new CD. Taz Thornton and her crew have been simply amazing in assisting me. Tweeting Times is excellent and a great resource.”
— Jay Link, Singer, Death and Taxes (@JayLink_)


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