A tab too far: why the new Gmail is bad for your business


BY NOW, many of you will have discovered the new Google email tabs. Great, you might think, how helpful of the Gmail guys to automatically filter my emails for me. That’s brilliant for business, isn’t it?


Notice the ‘promotions’ tab? How many of you send out e-marketing or newsletters? Chances are, your marketing promotions will now be dumped into this section. And honestly, how many people will check that tab on a regular basis? The very title makes it sound like a secondary spam filter! Continue reading

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Social media ROI… the proof of the pudding!


TigerBlogSocialMediaROICAN anyone remember life BSM (Before Social Media)?

Today, thousands of businesses across the UK are embracing it, but despite phenomenal uptake, in some quarters the rather cautious jury’s still out when it comes to its true marketing power, its ability to promote brands effectively and the likely ROI (Return On Investment).

Turquoise Tigers would like to state, for the record, that we are most definitely not jury members. We believe in the power of social media. Used properly as part of an integrated marketing plan it really can reap dividends over time.

So the Tigers purred with delight when the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealed the results of a social media study.

Recommendations – the power of social media

It revealed that a whopping 90 per cent of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with it on social media – music to our furry Tiger ears and something that we have been talking about in our workshops for years. Continue reading

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Facebook competition mistakes: don’t risk deletion




BE HONEST. How many of you have thought about running a ‘like and share’ competition on Facebook?

They seem like a pretty good idea, don’t they? Just create a simple graphic with your competition offering on it and tell people they need to like your business page and share the post to be in with a chance of winning.

Simples. Viral message spread for the cost of a bottle of bubbly (or whatever glorious prize you choose to offer).

Trouble is, this kind of post goes directly against Facebook rules… and it’s exactly the kind of marketing that gets your page closed down. Deleted. Deceased. An ex-Facebook page. Continue reading

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Is your competitor hogging the spotlight?


TigerBlogSpotlightYou’re sitting there grabbing a quick coffee and leafing through a business magazine as you wait to go into an important meeting when you catch a competitor leaping out at you from the pages.

How do you feel? Absolutely fine or is a part of you just a teeny bit annoyed that they’re grabbing the headlines instead of your business?

Achieving prominent regional coverage in the right newspapers and magazines, provided it reaches your target audience, can still pack a pretty powerful punch and position your brand in front of potential customers.  Continue reading

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Turquoise Tiger’s vitally important Facebook infograph


YOU know how it works here at Turquoise Tiger… you ask and we do our best to deliver!

Well, we’ve had lots of fine folks asking us for Facebook advice for some time – everything from how big your cover images need to be to how to resposition wall pictures and how to keep your important statuses at the top of the page.

So, we’ve rolled everything you’ve been asking us into one simple, downloadable infograph. Continue reading

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Facebook does it again!


FACEBOOK is making more changes to its feeds and, yet again, messing about with pages.

This time, Facebook is creating a new Pages Feed with updates from all the pages we like, completely separate to our News Feed. It’s being rolled out now, so if you don’t already have it, you should see it soon. And if you don’t spot it straight away, look again… Facebook’s helpfully making it hard to find by burying it deep down under ‘Pages’ on the left hand column, rather than placing it next to News Feed. Continue reading

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How’s your bouncebackability?


IN the Tiger den there’s no such word as failure. That’s not to say that there aren’t disappointments when things don’t go as well as we would like.

Every business experience, good and bad, is a learning curve, but only if we choose to step back, take the emotion out of it and evaluate with a rational head on our shoulders.
Continue reading

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Dealing with negative feedback on Facebook


We’ve had a few people asking about ‘negative feedback’ on Facebook lately so, being the helpful cats that we are, we decided to explain all in a blog.

The golden rule, as spelled out in large, friendly letters on the cover of the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, is DON’T PANIC.

Seriously, don’t. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and Facebook’s negative feedback is nowhere near as horrible as it sounds.

Here’s how it works… Continue reading

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Great Britain is for life, not just for the Olympics


It’s over. After years of planning, London 2012 said goodbye to the world in spectacular style on Sunday night.

For 16 days we have laughed, cried, cheered and Mexican waved every step of the way with Team GB, whether at the Olympic venues or watching from our armchairs.

I’ve lost count of the number of goosebump moments experienced, the incredible sense of pride felt when watching our athletes compete on the world stage, seeing the beautiful venues in all their splendour and looking at the medal table to find us third, yes third, behind the giants that are the US and China.

Finally, finally we can take pride in waving our union flags. It’s okay to wear your national pride, and wear it we have – hats, underwear, deely boppers, Team GB t-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts, shoes…. The list goes on.

And we’ve given ourselves permission to shout about it. Not for political reasons, but for the love of a nation, its incredible Olympians and all the wonderful things about this nation and the people who live here. Continue reading

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Three steps to marketing gold


Heather Stanning and Helen Glover have just won Team GB’s first gold medal at London 2012, becoming the first British women rowers to win an Olympic title. Bradley Wiggins has become GB’s greatest ever Olympian after taking gold in the cycling time trial. And boy, does it feel good!

The Union Jacks are waving proudly as many of us around the UK celebrate these amazing achievements. What a day! But just think about all the months, the years that led up to this. These British Olympians didn’t just get in a boat or on a bicycle a couple of months ago, have a few practice runs and then row or cycle to glory. Their win was only possible after hours and hours of disciplined, dedicated training, perfecting their technique, testing out what does and doesn’t work for them, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of their opposition and adjusting their game plan accordingly.

Guess what? It’s the same when it comes to promoting your business… Continue reading

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