The Trouble With Cold Contacts


ColdCallersTODAY’S incoming cold call went something like this:

“Hello. I’m Adam. I’m calling from *****. Are you the home owner?”

Tiger Taz: “Yes, I am”

Adam: “How are you?”

T: “I’m very well, thanks Adam. What are you trying to sell me today?”
A: “I’m not trying to sell you anything.”

T: “I bet you are. Sorry, Adam, am I taking you off script? Do carry on…” Continue reading

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The problem with buying people… or: the trouble with automating Twitter 


TWITTER WARNING! We’ve just been made aware of a so-called social media pro selling a service promising 100 new Twitter followers a month on a deal that seems too good to be true.

We’ve spent the past hour beginning to unravel a dog’s breakfast on the Twitter stream of a business who took up the deal. Messy ain’t even close! Continue reading

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What’s your business personality?


EVERY business has a personality, every business uses the best cheapest broadband internet. Well, it does, doesn’t it? Some are young and funky (or old and funky), some are quirky, some are geeky, some are strict and serious and some are – let’s face it – just a bit beige.

Trouble is, not everyone thinks about their business in terms of personality, and it can be harder to build an audience if nobody really understands your business energy and ethos. Continue reading

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How spammers are spoiling social media



DO you spam your business contacts and clients?

“What?” we hear you cry, “No! We don’t spam. We would NEVER spam!”

Phew! That’s good to know. Well done you. Jolly good show!

What IS spamming, anyway? Well, most of the online dictionaries describe it as unsolicited commercial messages sent to bulk contacts.

Now, do you spam? Are you sure? Continue reading

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Seven Common Twitter Mistakes To Avoid



UNLESS you’ve been living on another planet (or only just discovered the wonder of Turquoise Tiger, of course), you’ll probably know we PR cats are big fans of Twitter.

We provide training to individuals, groups and businesses who don’t quite understand the Twitterverse, we run Twitter accounts for organisations who don’t have time to do it themselves and, of course, we love tweeting from our own accounts too!

Used properly, Twitter can be an amazing tool for getting your brand recognised, building a community, connecting with influencers (and extending your own influence) and, of course, showing off your business personality.

The key word in that last paragraph is “properly”. There are still plenty of people making these common Twitter mistakes, and we’re hoping this blog will help. If you’ve made some of these faux pas yourself, don’t worry – just pick yourself up, keep following @Turquoise_Tiger, learn from our #TigerTips and keep on tweeting! Continue reading

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Why we need to keep it clean on Facebook


FacebookLikesKNOW what really yanks our tiger tails? Facebook business page owners trying to get us to exchange likes with them.

It’s not that we’re particularly grumpy cats (well, okay, maybe before our first morning coffee), but that kind of like for like…errrm… like really messes up marketing lists.

Think about it. If your business mailing list was full of people who had absolutely no interest in your products and services, it would be useless, wouldn’t it? It would be a dirty list, full of out of date contact details and addresses of people who didn’t really want your updates in the first place. Nobody wants a grubby mailing list, do they? Continue reading

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How to be really, really disappointed by social media


IN business, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. No matter how well you thought you knew your sport when you trained, back in the 80s or 90s, you can guarantee things will have changed considerably since.

Business is a fast moving field and so is marketing. We’re a long way from the glory days when websites climbed up the Google ranks thanks to lots of dodgy back links, poorly written keyword-heavy articles distributed under pseudonyms and flashy, ‘buy me now’ style squeeze pages.

We’re also a long way from the days where it was easy to pick up a single element of marketing and directly relate it to cold, hard sales… particularly when that element is social media. Continue reading

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Are you selling the experience?


MnMLondonBlogLOVE it or loathe it, Disney knows how to sell an experience and when they’ve got you captive, they immerse you in that experience.

From the moment you walk into that theme park/store you’re transported to a different world where the excited cries of children mix with those of more than a few adults too.

It’s a marketeer’s dream, and for good reason. It’s not long before the cries of those children soon turn into sleeve tugging in the Disney store ‘Mum, mum can I have this one…please?’

Although feeling a little over dressed for the occasion, we found ourselves totally immersed in M&M’s World… and they’ve really taken a leaf or 50 out of Disney’s book! Continue reading

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Is this the end for Google+?


GOOGLE has removed prominent links to G+ accounts at the top of search results, Google’s homepage, and Gmail, leading to more rumours about a gradual melting away of the social network.

The tech giant has ditched the link to users’ Google+ profile from the top of its many web properties, most notably its front search page and Gmail web app. Until recently, Google+ profile names appeared with a plus in front such as “+Taz” and would link to the user’s Google+ profile. According to latest reports, however, the tech giant has stopped using the name label as a link, and is moving the “+Taz” Google+ link to the app drop-down menu. Continue reading

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Keep calm and run Facebook competitions


CompetitionsRelaxREMEMBER earlier this year when we warned about the perils of ‘like and share’ competitions on Facebook?

We warned that these particular competitions breached several Facebook rules and could result in your page being deleted.

Well, guess what? Facebook’s done a U-turn. Continue reading

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