TWITTER WARNING! We’ve just been made aware of a so-called social media pro selling a service promising 100 new Twitter followers a month on a deal that seems too good to be true.

We’ve spent the past hour beginning to unravel a dog’s breakfast on the Twitter stream of a business who took up the deal. Messy ain’t even close!


A series of complaints from Twitter users drew the business owner’s attention to what was really going on: tweets had been auto generated to 110 Twitter users in just five days, all thanking them for the mention. Trouble is, none of them HAD actually mentioned this particular business or their Twitter account. It’s no surprise they were hacked off.

We can only assume this Twitter ‘pro’ had cold tweeted anyone talking about a relevant subject and claimed contact in order to begin conversations. In reality, it just pissed people off and brought a previously good Twitter reputation into disrepute. Of course, it could be that there was some kind of error with an auto responder set up or something, but that shouldn’t happen either, should it? Oh, and filling the stream with hashtags and retweets wasn’t clever either.


Beware, folks – don’t get your fingers burned. The key to growing your audience is a regular presence and real engagement… there are no shortcuts to growing an authentic and engaged tribe… no matter how much social media ‘experts’ promise you the stars!

Twitter followers CAN be bought, but you can’t guarantee they’ll stay, have an interest in your business or not hail from a click farm in the Middle East. Don’t play the numbers game. Go for real engagement and, if you really want to outsource your social media, check the ethics and methodology of whoever you’re considering employing first. We’re told this particular Twitter guru talked about finding followers with relevant keywords; think about it… keywords can help you find people to follow or people to tweet, but they don’t magically create followers!


5 Replies to “The problem with buying people… or: the trouble with automating Twitter ”

  1. Have you witnessed all of these “phenomena”, or have these events been related to you second-hand? Did you become aware of these strange “hauntings” before or after you knew of the suicide?The answer to all claims of the paranormal have always been, and always will be, the same: evidence, evidence, evidence. It’s amazing with so many claims there has still been not one shred of evidence to support them, beyond anecdotes related by true believers.

  2. re your last reply. Yes, as I mentioned, fieldsets require legends. I always advise firmly against resorting to invalid mark-up, not just because it is bad practice, but because it often results in less accessible mark-up.And in your case, there is absolutely no need for those fieldsets to be there. Forms need only a single wrapper (e.g. div) inside the form tags.

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