DO you spam your business contacts and clients?

“What?” we hear you cry, “No! We don’t spam. We would NEVER spam!”

Phew! That’s good to know. Well done you. Jolly good show!

What IS spamming, anyway? Well, most of the online dictionaries describe it as unsolicited commercial messages sent to bulk contacts.

Now, do you spam? Are you sure?

Do you use twitter to bash out commercial tweets, which then appear on Twitter streams of anyone good enough to follow you?

Do you ever copy a message about your products and services and paste it into various Facebook groups, or onto Facebook pages?

What about LinkedIn? Do you use LinkedIn Mail to send mass communications about your business to all your contacts?

Currently, LinkedIn is the medium that’s yanking our Turquoise Tiger tails the most. Not so long ago, if we received a LinkedIn message alert, it was usually from one of our known business contacts who genuinely wanted to engage with us about something, or perhaps a connection request from someone who wanted to talk to us about something relevant and interesting.

How times change!

Now, LinkedIn mail alerts are rapidly losing importance. Why? Because people have started using them as a vehicle to spam everyone with messages about their business offerings. Early bird tickets to events, products on special offer, training programmes, job opportunities… the list goes on. They’re rarely targeted and, nine times out of ten, are of absolutely no interest. Are they personalised? Well, some might include a first name, but that’s immediately followed by an obviously mass mailed marketing message.

Have you noticed the same? Have you sent something similar?

Social media provides us with an amazing global platform to really engage with people and build our tribe. But… and it’s a big but… it’s only as good as its content. Who’s responsible for that? We are. All of us. Every business out there with a social media account is responsible for keeping it engaging, interesting and, above all else, useful!

So…. stop spamming. Stop spoiling social media. Lead by example. Would YOU want to read the stuff you’re churning out? If not, change it!

> Do you think businesses are saturating social media with spammy messages? How does your business use social media channels to engage with its audience? Leave us a blog comment… we’d love to hear from you.


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