FacebookLikesKNOW what really yanks our tiger tails? Facebook business page owners trying to get us to exchange likes with them.

It’s not that we’re particularly grumpy cats (well, okay, maybe before our first morning coffee), but that kind of like for like…errrm… like really messes up marketing lists.

Think about it. If your business mailing list was full of people who had absolutely no interest in your products and services, it would be useless, wouldn’t it? It would be a dirty list, full of out of date contact details and addresses of people who didn’t really want your updates in the first place. Nobody wants a grubby mailing list, do they?

So why, oh why, do people not think of their Facebook fanbases in the same way?

A business Facebook page is designed to help you get your messages to the right people – to other Facebookers who are really interested in what you have to offer. It might not look like the kind of list you can just import into Mailchimp, but it DOES have exactly the same purpose. It’s to keep interested customers – and potential customers – informed and up to date and to build a tribe of advocates for you and your brand.

The numbers game is where it all goes wrong. People seem to be getting more and more obsessed with how many fans their Facebook page has, and they don’t seem to care where they come from! ‘Like and share’ competitions, ‘page like exchanges’ and so on and so forth all have the same aim and – very often – a similar result; they’re designed to grow numbers and – frequently – result in a really diluted list of followers who won’t engage, don’t care about your brand and create a false sense of achievement. Why this last point? Well, it’s all well and good being able to boast about your thousands and thousands of page fans, but when you come to run an event or market a product, only to realise the interest isn’t really there and it’s all padding, you’ve only wasted your time and provided yourself with a huge disappointment. It’s the business marketing equivalent of finding out your hot new date wears an enormously padded bra. Or padded pants.

So, next time you share your Facebook page, or ask someone to like it, how about asking them to have a look around first and only click that ‘like’ button if they are genuinely interested. And please, please resist the urge to tell someone you’ll like their page if they like yours.

Ego trap
Be real, people, think about your brand and growth strategy without being caught in the ego trap. It’s better to have 100 engaged, interested fans than 10,000 who only liked your page to try to win a bottle of bubbly. Here’s a quick competition tip… if your service offering is niche, try offering a prize only those genuinely interested will want to win; that way, you’ll cut the chances of every Tom, Dick and Harriet entering for the sake of it. If you’re pushing a pet-related page, give away pet-related products. If you’re marketing keep fit, how about offering a free fitness assessment? If you’re a business coach, why not run a competition to win a free half hour consultation? See? Make it relevant to the audience you want to attract.

Our advice? If you want to build your Facebook fanbase with a crowd of people who might actually want to invest in your brand, products or services, keep networking, keep telling interested people about your page, keep doing your PR and maybe invest in some strategically thought out Facebook advertising. At least that way you’ll be building a tribe who’ll be interested in what you have to say.

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