CompetitionsRelaxREMEMBER earlier this year when we warned about the perils of ‘like and share’ competitions on Facebook?

We warned that these particular competitions breached several Facebook rules and could result in your page being deleted.

Well, guess what? Facebook’s done a U-turn. You can now collect competition entries by having users post on your page, like or comment on an update or even message your page direct. You don’t even need to run your competitions through a dedicated Facebook app any more. Here’s Facebook’s official announcement, explaining what’s now allowed:

Good news, yes?
Good news, eh? A victory for commonsense! Well, we Tigers would answer a cautious “yes” to that, although we stand by some of the comments in our previous blog.

Getting people to click those ‘like’ buttons or comment on your posts to enter a competition seem like great ideas on the surface – audience engagement is great for boosting your edgerank, after all.

We would, however, advise you to be a little careful … your amazing competitions might be great for boosting numbers of page likes, but can you be sure you’re building a clean ‘list’ to market to?

You may get scores of eager goody grabbers liking your page and commenting on your wall just to get the freebie. They may never come back and they may have no interest in your product or service offering… and too many disinterested page ‘fans’ isn’t a particularly attractive proposition. Sure, the numbers might look great, but having thousands of contacts on a mailing list is no good if they’re not interested in your messages.

In short, suck it and see. If ‘like’ competitions work for you, go for it, but don’t get lost in the numbers to the detriment of building an interested, committed tribe of followers.

  • What do you think? Have Facebook competitions worked for you? Have you been able to successfully measure the ROI? Share your experiences here… we’d love to hear from you.



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