TigerBlogSpotlightYou’re sitting there grabbing a quick coffee and leafing through a business magazine as you wait to go into an important meeting when you catch a competitor leaping out at you from the pages.

How do you feel? Absolutely fine or is a part of you just a teeny bit annoyed that they’re grabbing the headlines instead of your business?

Achieving prominent regional coverage in the right newspapers and magazines, provided it reaches your target audience, can still pack a pretty powerful punch and position your brand in front of potential customers. 

But before you throw all your marketing toys out of the pram when your rival beats you to the limelight, don’t beat yourself up. Instead use this experience constructively. To coin a cliche, think outside the box and start looking at creative ways to gain press coverage.

Target audience

Start by looking at the publication your rival featured in. Is it suitable for your business and targeted at the customers you’re looking to attract?

It’s no good getting a fantastic editorial placed in Corned Beef Monthly (okay we made this title up) if your target audience are vegetarians.  Coverage like this may be great for the ego, but is it really worth the focus when you could be trying to get your business featured in a more relevant publication or online resource that could send customers your way?

Spend some time researching media and don’t be afraid to ask them for the breakdown of their readership. This can help you work out pretty quickly whether their readers could be right for your product or service. If they are then create a hit list for potential marketing opportunities and add them to it.

Best selling content or bargain basement drivel?

Look at what your competitor had to say in their editorial. Was it topical and engaging? If not, why not and how could you do things differently to attract interest from potential customers? Perhaps you have more up-to-date stats you could share or a different viewpoint. What interesting topics could you cover?

Think of ways you could provide some useful tips for readers and how you could illustrate your words with some good quality, striking images.

Armed with your trusty media contacts list you’re now ready to hit the email, or even better the phone!

Your chat with a busy editorial team may only last a couple of minutes and lead to the request for an email but it’s a great start.

With a bit of perseverance and before you know it, your competitor will see your business jumping out at them from a publication.

  •  Have you successfully grabbed a few headlines? How did YOU do it? What response did you get? Leave a response and tell us your stories… we’d love to hear from you!

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