FACEBOOK is making more changes to its feeds and, yet again, messing about with pages.

This time, Facebook is creating a new Pages Feed with updates from all the pages we like, completely separate to our News Feed. It’s being rolled out now, so if you don’t already have it, you should see it soon. And if you don’t spot it straight away, look again… Facebook’s helpfully making it hard to find by burying it deep down under ‘Pages’ on the left hand column, rather than placing it next to News Feed.

Facebook explains it this way: “Your News Feed is the place where you’re going to be able to find the most engaging content. The Pages Feed is for all the other interesting content you might want to read from pages that you like or subscribe to.”

How can Facebook possibly assume that updates from our Facebook friends are more engaging than updates from pages we like? It’s very new, so the jury’s out, but there are already big, fat, glaring issues as far as this tiger’s concerned!

All pages aren’t created equal

The thing is, all pages aren’t created equal. Some are information portals, some are charities, some are organisations trying to share their expertise and advice with an audience eager to learn and some are big businesses, with lots of cash to play with, who don’t quite understand the ‘SOCIAL’ in ‘social media’ and pump their very commercial pages full of sales messages.

Maybe I’m being far too simplistic, but I don’t believe Facebook’s latest tweak will do anything other than create an ‘us and them’ divide between personal feeds and pages.

Many of those pages are actually more of an ‘us’ than a ‘them’! We want updates from pages we like to appear in our News Feeds; we don’t want the charities and smaller organisations to have to fork out cash they can ill afford to “promote” their information with us, and we don’t want them to be stuck in a Pages Feed we have to find somewhere else.

It’s been harder and harder to gain interaction on pages since Facebook’s last interference; updates have been appearing less and less in people’s News Feeds (unless they’re paid for!) and I’m not sure creating a separate Pages Feed will help.


Maybe I’m being cynical, but if the previous wave of changes was genuinely devised to create a more pleasurable Facebook experience, page owners wouldn’t have to pay to “promote” their posts, would they?.

Although I do agree that the big boys who want to bombard us with sales messages SHOULD pay for advertising (or just push off, because we don’t want to see that on social media, thank you), I don’t believe ANYONE should pay for providing interesting, engaging, fun content, or be pushed out of the News Feed.

Come on Facebook, be fair and give us simple choices! One newsfeed – for pages we like AND people we like – with ALL the updates; it should be up to us to choose what we like and where we see it, not Facebook!

  • What do you think? Is Facebook getting too big for its boots? Will people vote with their feet and sink all their efforts into LinkedIn, G+ and Twitter? Have Facebook’s page changes affected your engagement? Please do share this blog and leave us a comment!




6 Replies to “Facebook does it again!”

  1. While I too find Facebooks ‘changes’ confusing and annoying I think everyone has to remember one key fact, Facebook is FREE to use! It’s a social media application originally written for students to communicate across campuses and moving on from that to communicate between different further education establishments around the world. While the concept of Facebook may have changed and developed over the years they still haven’t asked their members pay for the service. As more people used Facebook the users started to realise that it was a great way to promote business, so pages etc were implimented. I don’t think it is out of order for Facebook to ask a business owner to pay to promote their services on a free social media site! My criticism is if they want to bring in changes that’s fine but could they do it in a way that the average person can understand rather than having to read mountains of ‘how to’ stuff online just to understand the basic concept, we aren’t all university genuses!

    1. Hiya Rachel,

      Thanks for your reply. You’ve made some good points and, while I agree that big businesses wanting to blatantly advertise and blast hard sales messages in people’s faces SHOULD have to pay for the privilege (if only to discourage them!), I don’t believe organisations using their pages to communicate and share information with interested audiences should have to fork out at all.

      That’s the divide, though, isn’t it? Social media shouldn’t be about slamming blatant sales messages all over the place, it should be about communication, sharing, supporting, advising and all that helpful and entertaining stuff. For me, if someone’s using a social media platform to broadcast, rather than engage, they’re in the wrong place entirely.

      So, sharing information & engaging with your audience – for me – should remain free, but I take no issue with businesses being asked to pay in order to BROADCAST hard sales messages. That’s the difference.

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