Heather Stanning and Helen Glover have just won Team GB’s first gold medal at London 2012, becoming the first British women rowers to win an Olympic title. Bradley Wiggins has become GB’s greatest ever Olympian after taking gold in the cycling time trial. And boy, does it feel good!

The Union Jacks are waving proudly as many of us around the UK celebrate these amazing achievements. What a day! But just think about all the months, the years that led up to this. These British Olympians didn’t just get in a boat or on a bicycle a couple of months ago, have a few practice runs and then row or cycle to glory. Their win was only possible after hours and hours of disciplined, dedicated training, perfecting their technique, testing out what does and doesn’t work for them, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of their opposition and adjusting their game plan accordingly.

Guess what? It’s the same when it comes to promoting your business…

Discipline, dedication and a great game plan

It’s no good just writing a press release in isolation and expecting the world’s media to pick up your story straight away. Unless you’ve just beaten Michael Phelps’ Olympic swimming medal haul, it’s highly unlikely you’ll strike lucky first time. To succeed you’ll need to employ a whole host of attention grabbing marketing devices to help spread your message over time and this is something that a marketing specialist can steer you in the right direction with.

Three easy steps to marketing gold

Use our Turquoise Tiger checklist. Keep these questions at the forefront of your mind when considering your marketing and you’ll be in a gold medal winning position.

1) Who is your key audience?

It may sound really simple, but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses who have either not fully identified their audience/s, or who have failed to spot a change in their audience/s over time. This is absolutely crucial to marketing success. If you don’t know who you’re targeting, how on earth can you put together the right message that appeals to these audiences?

2) Where does your audience ‘hang out’?

Are these people to be found on social media, will they be reading national or regional press, specialist business magazines, getting involved in online forums, members of particular groups, clubs or associations? If so, think about how you can reach them with your marketing messages. This will help you pinpoint relevant media to be targeted as part of your marketing campaign.

3) What’s your story?

What are you trying to say and, most importantly, why? Always look for stories that paint your business in a good light, ie showcase your expertise, your great customer service etc, but bear in mind that today’s discerning consumer is fed up with being sold to. Move away from blatant sales messages, especially on social media, and come up with topical, educational, emotive messages that will attract positive attention for your business. Why are you saying this? Is your message fresh or just the same old, same old? There’s nothing worse than repeating the same tired messages so make sure what you have to say is valid, relevant and showcases the particular area of your business you want to promote. Take inspiration from events around you, customer comments, listen to your staff and incorporate these ideas into your marketing plan. The plan should be flexible, a moving feast, not so set in stone that you have no room to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer demand.

Think about these points every time you review your marketing, work hard and you will soon be creating robust marketing plans that deliver golden opportunities for promoting your business.

  • Will you be following our three step plan? What’s worked for you in your marketing? Do you wish we’d just shut up and let you remain a spectator to your competitors’ marketing? Leave a response and tell us what you think… it’ll make our day!

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