A FEW weeks back, Turquoise Tiger was asked to deliver a social media presentation to members of a national business association in Birmingham. Not only do I love the sound of my own voice, but I LOVE public speaking and social media is one of my pet subjects.
The big day arrived… I presented a video we’d produced on ‘The Social Media Revolution’, then talked for 45 minutes about how to use internet marketing to spread the word about your business, generate positive PR, engage with your customer base and, last but by no means least, generate real, solid leads for your sales team.

Now, I’m usually buzzing after a public speaking gig, but this one left me buzzier than ever. Why? Well, let’s be honest, if you’re in business today and haven’t heard at least one self-appointed guru talk about social media, you’ve been walking around with your eyes shut and your hands clamped over your ears. This crowd of 70-plus business people had all been talked AT in the past, been blinded by internet jargon, been left dazed, confused and generally turned-off… BUT… in the break after my session, I had people queuing up to speak to me, thanking me for such a commonsense, easy to understand presentation and asking how they could work with us / have a copy of our slides / book us for another presentation / employ us to train their team etc, etc.

Too much jargon makes a twit

Wow! Us Tigers have always aimed for a no-bull, babble-free approach, and it seems that’s exactly what people have been missing. Generally speaking, people don’t need – or want – to know about complex algorithms, Facebook code or Twitter ‘strategies’ – simply put, too much Twitter jargon makes a twit!

Social media isn’t rocket science, although it can be really confusing when you first wander onto the pitch. It takes time, patience, plenty of common sense and a pinch of perseverance, but that’s all. If you want to boost your business, and you have the time to invest, you really can DiY. If you’d rather farm it out, provided you do a bit of homework and find the right people, that’s fine too – after all, plumbers plumb, right?

Practical help

It was exactly this approach that led us to start running practical, hands-on workshops for businesses wanting to get started with social media. We teamed up with (the lovely people who designed the Turquoise Tiger website) to put together a real, experiential course, where people can come along to our computer suite and get set up on the ‘big 3’ – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ll give one to one, expert guidance on setting up your business profile, together with everything from key words and SEO to following the right people, generating the right interest and sending the right messages. By the end of the day, you’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking & showing off your business to associates on LinkedIn.

How did we come up with the right format? Easy. We talked to people & asked what they needed. We went along, as participants, to some of the other social media / internet marketing seminars on offer. We went back to basics and worked out a simple, easy to follow social media set-up plan. What did we discover? Most people know they need to be engaging with social media, but don’t really know where to start. Lots of the courses on offer are full of jargon, are sometimes run by people who don’t really understand social media themselves (we even ended up staying back after one of them to explain Twitter properly to some of the delegates), and can be really expensive.

The first one of our day-long workshops was fully booked within just a few weeks. To meet demand, we’re already planning the next one, so please do drop us a line if you’re interested in coming along or would like more information.

Early (twitter) bird?

How much does it cost? A full day workshop with us costs just £125…. and if you book early enough, you might just qualify for an early bird rate of £95. How are we keeping our costs down? Well, we believe in making internet marketing accessible for all – we feel all businesses, of any size, should be able to play on the same pitch, so we’ve negotiated with the venue and caterers and put the squeeze on our own pockets to deliver a workshop within the reach of most business coffers.

It just goes to show… if you pay peanuts, you don’t always get monkeys; sometimes you get Turquoise Tigers!





4 Replies to “Too much social media jargon makes a twit!”

  1. I attended your seminar yesterday at the NEC and it was a breath of fresh air. It was exactly what I came for. I literally came to see the seminars first and then shop for products afterwards. You explained things so clearly and simply, compete novices like me felt enthused to become part of this social media. I had no idea it could help buisness so much. Thank you so much I will be booking to come to one of your workshops asap. x

  2. Hey, 4Aces! Interesting “friend” Gingrich and Perry are aligning themselves with. Anyone watching a segment of the Gingrich attack on capitalism can figure the ideology from which it originates. True colors and display of lack of integrity coming from two “has beens”.

  3. Never could you be kicked off! Also, unfortunately never should you make this with skinless chicken. Don’t think it would have the same effect. You could, however, make it and just take the skin off after cooking. Maybe let yourself have a tiny bit and throw the rest away!

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