Don't be shackled by boredom - business should be serious fun!

PICTURE the scene… us tigers have left the den for a few evening drinks and a bit of business banter with some networking buddies; we’re discussing everything from PR pitches to strategy when a question hits us from left field: “Don’t you worry that people won’t take you seriously?”

It takes a lot to stop a big cat in its tracks, but that question was enough to make us put down our pork scratchings and stop sipping our Tiger beers. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we asked for an explanation.

“Well,” came the response, “You always seem to be having so much fun… people might look at you and assume you don’t put enough emphasis on processes and delivery – you know, serious business stuff.”

Aah, so we’re talking about perceptions… that old concept that business can’t be fun, right? Well, forgive us for being passionate about our work, but we really do ENJOY being Turquoise Tigers. We love everything we do, which means we have fun…. and that means our clients have fun when they work with us, too.

Think about it…. our business is largely focussed on making other people’s businesses shine – we’re all about making YOU stand out from the crowd, about finding that diamond in the rough, helping you to polish it to perfection and making it gleam so brightly that everyone takes notice. We’re not about to blend into the background in a sea of beige marketeers, and we’re not about to fall into that age-old trap of taking life so seriously that everything becomes a treadmill of monotony.

Don’t lose heart

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and become overly focussed on processes and procedures, and it’s also easy to forget what’s at the heart of your organisation, that seed of an idea that once inspired you and led you to where you are today.

Every business – ours included – needs processes and structure, but does that need to be stuck in the bored, sorry, board room? Where do you do your planning? How much time do you set aside to look ahead, nurture your aspirations, give birth to new ideas? Give yourself a break – and give your business a break, too! Get out of the office, run far away from those uninspiring grey walls and give yourself some space. A change of scenery can do wonders for any hard-working business brain – it’s amazing how much a few hours in the countryside, your local park, the beach, or even your favourite coffee shop can free up your mind and unblock creativity. You know what else can help? Dare we say it? Switch off the phone, leave your laptop at work and take a notebook and pen instead… just for a little while, leave technology behind and get back to basics. You’d be amazed at the difference it can make.

At Turquoise Tiger, we try to schedule an ‘away day’ once a month – a work day away from work. It’s about getting away from distractions, giving our business brains the freedom to flourish and the space needed for new ideas to form. It’s a great way to check where we’re heading, too; a chance to revisit business plans, look at new opportunities and make sure that latest project offering won’t take us too far off message. We do this consistently and not once has that time been anything less than highly productive.

You know what else we do? We reward ourselves for jobs well done…. no, not just for winning a new contract or completing a project, but for receiving great feedback or positive testimonials. When our clients are happy, we’re happy, and that’s when we deserve our slice of cake, movie night or 4pm finish on a Friday.

See? We do have fun, but it’s all about the business!

What’s not to smile about?

When you choose to employ Turquoise Tiger, we’ll work our stripes off to help you enjoy the process. We’ll help you rediscover what it was you loved about your work in the first place and try to coax that passion to the fore. Does that mean we’re not serious about our business… about YOUR business? No way! We might laugh a lot, but we’re also really, really good at what we do. Maybe that’s WHY we smile so much… we know our stuff, we know we’ll bring about some really positive changes to your business, and we know you’ll be pleased as punch with the results we deliver. As for processes, well, whether we’re working on a PR campaign for you, polishing your social media performance, designing and writing your latest company brochure or organising your launch event, you’ll get a complete run-down of the process, from start to finish, complete with a break-down of  services, pricing, bespoke options and as much analytical data as you need. And guess what… we enjoy putting all that detail together for you, too! What’s not to smile about?

So, do we worry that people won’t take us seriously because we enjoy our work? No way… we’re bright, turquoise and proud – let’s not wash out the rainbow for those who prefer beige!


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  1. Here, here – I love working with these Turquoise Cats, they really do help you get the best out of yourself and I highly recommend their services to everyone!! Amanda

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