It’s not the first time us tigers have voiced concerns about PR gaining a bad name in certain business arenas; we know some people believe public relations to be expensive and we’ve always worked hard to dispel that myth.

In reality, PR shouldn’t be expensive – it should be fairly priced, according to the knowledge, experience and time devoted to getting your messages out there, and it should be worth its weight in gold when compared to traditional advertising. We expected our colleagues in the PR field to feel the same way.

Today, however, we’ve been forced to readjust our expectations. Just as we’ve been outspoken about underqualified, or inexperienced, individuals claiming to be media gurus, we get ever so slightly irritated when we find our peers charging high prices for what should be no more than a few hours’ work.

Allow me to set the scene…

Those of you who read our blogs regularly will know how important we feel exhibition press packs are and how many opportunities are lost by companies who miss the boat. So often, we’ve attended shows where people have shelled out hundreds, even thousands, of pounds for stands, then had little or no materials on offer in the press office. What a wasted opportunity!

So, with one of the events we’re familiar with looming large, we decided to put together a Press Pack to Go – a special offer exhibition PR package providing a print-ready solution for companies who simply don’t have the time to compile their own offering for journalists. We spent quite a while discussing what editors wanted from a press pack and working out how we could take the strain away from exhibitors and provide a fair, cost-effective solution, leaving them to get on with the business of running their stand.

Without going into the finer details, we came up with three Press Pack to Go options, with the top package coming in at less than £200. These packages included our time interviewing key personnel, so that we could include quotes and a more personal touch to the press information, as well as a set of amendments. On top of that, we came up with a fast-turnaround bolt-on for £65.

Of course, before we pushed the button, we started to do a bit of research, to make sure we were offering a fair price and service. It takes a lot to shock a tiger, but our stripes almost fell off!

A quick Google search came up with an exhibition press pack, with up to three press releases, for a sum of more than  £500. The additional cost for a 48-hour turnaround? £150.

Now, to be fair, this package isn’t directly comparable with ours – the Press Pack to Go top option includes a show press release, potted company overview and post-show release. But still…

It’s no wonder so many people believe PR is expensive!


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