We’ve done it! Yep, Tweeting Times made it all the way through to the finals of the Digital Magazine Awards 2010.

Sure, us Turquoise Tigers believe in our Twitterverse baby, but we never dreamed Tweeting Times could gain such a wonderful following so swiftly, let alone be able to display such a proud banner… take a look; it’s stunning, isn’t it? Sleek, proud, graceful lines, beautiful to behold… very much like a tiger, really *grin*.

Obviously, we would love to have been placed in the top three, but we reckon we’ve earned our stripes by getting through to the finals. Think about it… Tweeting Times was launched with NO budget and NO advertising – just viral word of mouth through Twitter; so, when you consider that our Launch of the Year category included the likes of Sky and Vodafone, we’re over the moon to be able to wear the ‘DMA Finalist’ brand.

Congrats to Sky Live magazine for scooping the top spot in our category. It’s great to see so many amazing strides being made in digital publishing, and it’s brilliant to be included in such an impressive line up of digital magazines.



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