At Turquoise Tiger we're professional journalists and editors, so we know how to craft a great story for your business. We provide social media management, content marketing and PR for your company. We even offer media mentoring to help you do it yourself!

    Turquoise Tigers Taz and Ali

    Our PR agency is based in Lincolnshire but we work with clients in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk and Leicestershire. We work nationally too - sometimes internationally. Cutting edge technology and forward thinking means there’s no geographical boundary.

    At Turquoise Tiger we're proud of being former journalists and editors - so we know how to find and tell your story. We operate in a jargon-free zone. No convoluted marketing and public relations speak - just professional, practical and effective PR, content marketing and social media management, as well as visibility coaching/media mentoring to help you do it yourself.

  • Turquoise Tiger Ali


    As founder and manager of Turquoise Tiger, I’m the big cat around here. I’ve interviewed business gurus and celebrities for digital and print media, edited and designed regional and national publications, been a radio presenter, organised everything from major London awards events to launches and shows, judged national business awards and co-founded the world’s first digital magazine for Twitter – Tweeting Times. One of my greatest loves is helping people to understand the world of PR and empowering them to do it themselves - that’s why I launched the Tiger Tracks mentoring programme… I think it’s one of the best initiatives I’ve ever launched.

    Loves: Creativity, cake and a cuppa, Marmite, watching Last Tango in Halifax or Grey’s Anatomy, being taken for a drag by my dogs. Loathes: Negative thinking, ironing and steak and kidney pudding.

  • Turquoise Tiger Taz


    I’m the tiger Asha drafts in to prowl about with a clicker and positive ‘cattitude’ for social media and PR seminars. I’m also occasionally called upon to stick a paw into social media development and business planning. I’m a best selling author, motivational business speaker, trainer and confidence/visibilty coach in my own right, but I’ve been with Turquoise Tiger since it was a tiny kitten, so I can’t quite bring myself to step away entirely! Turquoise Tiger breaks the mould in PR and marketing - Asha keeps it real and is passionate about empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to do it themselves. I like that. So, though I’m no longer a full time PR cat, I’m always ready to lend my stripes.

    Loves: social media, the digital age, good books, roller coasters. Loathes: Marmite, negative attitudes, washing up.

Public Relations


Content, content, content. It's all about the stories, baby! Like true tigers, we know when to pounce on public relations, social media and marketing opportunities that will help grow your business. Turquoise Tiger can help tell your story and get you talked about!

Public Relations

No forward-thinking organisation can afford to rely on third-parties to tell their story. That's why we encourage and help our clients to grow their tribes and use their own channels to get the right stories to the right audiences. Blogs, video, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Anchor, newsletters, digital magazines - the scope for developing your own channels has never been more exciting. Couple this with more traditional PR routes (including the faithful old press release and media liaison) and you're on the way to being seen, trusted and respected as the brand to do business with. Our services also include copywriting, proofreading and editing; social media management, video and digital publishing, as well as the Tiger Tracks mentoring programme, where we guide and support you to develop and implement your own PR and social media strategy.

Successful PR spreads the word about your brand and gets it talked about effectively and consistently. The Turquoise Tigers can make a roaring success of your stories with a top notch PR service!

Digital Publishing and Social Media
  • Media

    Digital publishing

    Digital media is great for your business, if you know how to use electronic publishing properly - and the Turquoise Tigers certainly know how to work it! It's great for social sharing, less expensive than print and gives your organisation the 'Harry Potter' moving magazine effect. What's not to love?


    With digital publishing you can promote a product, service or brand, or keep your customers up to speed about your activities. Digital media, like digital brochures can be an impressive promotion tool to get everyone talking about you. Digital publications are, arguably, more cost effective and environmentally friendly than their alternatives.

    Utilise the latest technology and produce cutting edge digital communications. Combine engaging editorial with interactive video and audio content. It's like a non-Hogwarts version of the Daily Prophet - moving images, animation and more. Look at our flagship product - Tweeting Times - believed to be the world’s first multi-media magazine for the Twitter community.

  • Social Media and blogs

    If used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for promotion. Turquoise Tiger can effectively tweet on Twitter, generate fans on Facebook or connect you on LinkedIn – freeing you up to get on with the day-to-day running of your business. We'll even write your blogs!

    Take the Turquoise Tigers by the paw and we'll work with you to identify your key social media objectives and create a bespoke social media package to suit your requirements for promotion and budget. We'll help you find out what all the social media fuss is about and show you how your business needs to respond. With our specialist advice, you can learn how to manage social networking yourself or use Turquoise Tiger's expertise and leave us to manage your social media campaigns for you.

    In the meantime, find out what Turquoise Tigers do in our social media den by following @Turquoise_Tiger on Twitter or visiting our Turquoise Tiger fan page on Facebook.

  • Learn to get live and interactive

    When was the last time you updated your website or considered giving it a new look? Have you captured your last customer endorsement on video? Do you understand how to make the most of the online opportunities available to you? It's a brave new world out there...

    The Turquoise Tigers can teach you a thing or two about getting live and interactive through media training. Learn the secrets of successful online press liaison, how to present your story to the media with confidence, how to avoid PR disasters and how to turn bad tweets into great ones. We also provide training on blogs, social media, video blogging and public speaking. Yep... grabbing those opportunities to be on stage is a key part of PR - and you can live stream it to your social media channels or record it all and send it out later. Find out about our forthcoming workshops and seminars on our events page: www.turquoisetiger.co.uk/bookings.

Tiger Tracks Mentoring

Media Mentoring

Want to stay hands on in your PR adventures? No problem! The Tiger Tracks mentoring programme was developed just for you. We'll help you identify your target audience, come up with a marketing plan and keep you on track with regular mentoring sessions - online, in person or over the phone.


At Turquoise Tiger we recognise the best people to talk about your organisation are usually the people who build it, nurture it and work in it every day. Not everyone wants to hand over their social media and PR to an agency, so we're here to help you make the most of every opportunity.

Asha has years of publishing and PR experience and she loves to empower people to promote their own businesses and services to the right people and in the right way. She's a master storyteller too (yep - she's even a published author!), so she knows how to tease the best information out of you to craft into the most interesting, genuine and news-worthy content. It's great value too - packages start at just £85 a month.

Events Management

Events Management

Turquoise Tigers love a big bash. But we're not just party animals; we put real thought and hard work into event planning, so we produce an event that you're wild about.

Event Management

You may be planning a launch event, staging a press conference, organising an awards evening or taking part in an exhibition. From writing scripts, to sourcing a venue and speakers, arranging pre and post event coverage, we can deliver an event to remember! We can organise photography, produce a souvenir programme, plan and manage the event and produce a video or digital brochure to mark the occasion.

If you're attending events, we know busy editors will bite your hand off for a well-prepared press pack. We can create one that will blow the editor's socks off - and aim to get you some top quality press coverage to earn your stripes.